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About My Desi Tickets

MyDesiTickets.com is the UK’s 1st official Bollywood Media Partner Portal.

Using the very latest in website/mobile and digital technology is designed specifically for the BEST of South Asian Entertainment. This IS the UK's 1st and ONLY Bollywood media portal which boasts of it's own iOS and Android official Apps available to download for absolutely 100% FREE.

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Our mission

Based in The Lake District and London, My Desi Tickets has a loyal customer base all around the UK including councils, schools, theatres, charities, community groups, sports clubs, businesses, festivals, event planners...anyone seeking to bring their community together. Our aim is to provide a powerful and affordable ticket platform that can handle events of any size and complexity without an issue. Events made easy.

Our community commitment

We work with many different industries and community groups across the UK and want all of our event organisers to succeed in everything they do. Events are not always easy, but selling tickets online should be.

We are committed to making a positive impact on the community. That's why our pricing structure is set so everyone can afford to use TryBooking, and it's why we offer our system free of charge for any free events or registrations.

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